Ready-to-choose adjustable beds

Buckingham, Balmoral and Kensington – available as either a 3' (excluding Balmoral) or 4'6'' wide bed for one person or 5' wide, king-sized dual bed for couples to share.

There is an ideal Age UK Adjustable Bed for everyone. Whether you prefer a ready-to- choose beds or to design your own with the online 'Bed Builder', you can have a quality, comfortable and reliable adjustable bed. The 'Bed Builder' gives you a much greater choice of fabrics, divan bases, widths, lengths, mattresses, headboards and accessories than the ready to choose beds.

There are the following pre-configured popular choices that are available in a variety of surrounds, styles and materials. Each bed is a standard 6' 6" in length and you can choose from a range of bases - a deep divan, sleigh bedstead, oak frame or metal frame. Every design is handmade to the highest standard.

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Build your own bed from scratch and choose from all sizes, mattresses, base styles, functions, materials, headboards and accessories.

  • Design your own bed
  • Introducing the Age UK bed range from Theraposture

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    Each ready-to- choose bed comes with a quality pocket sprung mattress for fantastic support. If you would like a touch of luxury you can upgrade to memory foam and powered massage. If you start using an Age UK Adjustable Bed you will find sitting up or raising your legs is now possible without straining. Getting in and out of bed is so much easier and safer too.

    Whatever you are doing in bed, whether it is reading, watching television or sleeping, an Age UK Adjustable Bed can be adjusted quietly to any position that suits you, to maximise your comfort and support. The hand controls are easy-to- use and simple-to- understand. An Age UK Adjustable Bed can help you achieve a better nights’ sleep.

    Pocket sprung damask cover mattress Pocket sprung damask cover mattress
    Hand Controller for adjusting bed Hand Controls
    Bed profiling mechanism Bed profiling mechanism

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