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Fabrics and Controllers


Age Co upholstered beds from Theraposture are available in a variety of fabrics and colours. If you select one of our ready-to-choose Buckingham beds, you will be able to choose from two different Damask fabrics at no extra cost. Balmoral beds come in a sumptuous brown faux leather and if you design your own Divan using our bed builder, you can select any of our Damasks, Chenille, suede or faux leathers.

Before any Age Co bed is purchased, you will be given a sample of your selected fabric – either in the post or from one of our experienced product advisors during a free home consultation. This way you can be sure your final bed will look and feel exactly as you wanted it to.

Hand controls

Adjustable bed Controller Massage
Adjustable bed Controller Standard
Adjustable bed Controller Illuminated with memory positions

Every Age Co bed comes with a quality easy-to-use hand control. They are simple-to-understand so you can rest assured you have total control when repositioning your Age Co Adjustable Bed. We even have wireless, infra-red versions if you prefer and ones that are softly illuminated so quick to find at night. These also have two memory positions so that you can adjust your bed quickly to your favourite position. Call to select your ideal hand control from our range.

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