Age UK Adjustable Beds are provided by Theraposture Ltd, in association with Age UK Trading CIC.

The Kensington – an adjustable bed with a beautiful oak finish

Wood always has such a lovely feel in the home, this is why the Kensington electrically adjustable bed is such a popular choice. With a beautiful oak finish you can rest assured that this bed will last, always look stylish and blend effortlessly into your home.

Within the veneered oak enclosure there is one or two adjustable mechanisms that provide variable positioning of the mattress. The Kensington combines timeless style, beautiful design and the latest technology – indulge yourself in affordable luxury.

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Age UK Adjustable Beds as provided by Theraposture Limited (registered company number 01649470, registered office: Kingdom Avenue, Northacre Industrial Park, Westbury, Wilshire, BA13 4WE ). Theraposture Limited works in association with Age UK Trading CIC, a commercial services arm and wholly owned subsidiary of Age UK (registered charity number 1128267). Age UK Adjustable Beds is a product name of Age UK Trading CIC. Theraposture Limited uses the name 'Age UK' under licence. Age UK Trading CIC, registered company number: 01102972, registered office: Tavis House, 1-6 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9NA. During 2015/16, Theraposture will raise a minimum of £85,000 through the promotion and sale of adjustable beds for Age UK Trading CIC.