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Specialist solutions for greater help

Theraposture can provide a range of more specialist adjustable products that give you extra support when getting in and out of bed.

Leg Lifter

As Age Co Adjustable Beds from Theraposture are very popular, the list below is continually updated with new beds and prices.

This means there is not a photograph of each individual bed displayed here however further details are available from Theraposture.

Chair Bed

This design offers a powered adjustable chair that supports you when sitting, helps you stand up and reclines flat so it can be used as a bed.

The leg and back rest can be adjusted independently into a huge range of positions so comfort at night is assured. The riser function lifts the chair so you can stand up safely in the morning – reducing possible muscle or back strain. It has drop-down armrests for extra space when sleeping, a simple hand control and is available in a variety of fabrics and sizes.


The ultimate powered solution for getting in and out of bed safely.

The special Rotoflex rotational action means that by sitting in the chair position and simply pushing one button, the bed will effortlessly get you into bed.

When you are ready, the Rotoflex will help you back to the chair position and the variable height function also lifts the bed up vertically – helping you stand up. The Rotoflex range includes beds for one person or combination beds for couples to share – handmade with any combination of size, function and style.

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