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It was Sheila Baldwin’s son who prompted her into getting an Age Co Adjustable Bed from Theraposture.

“I did have a bed that I could adjust the back of,” explains Sheila, “but it was quite old and not very modern. My son said I really needed a new one so my daughter went shopping with me to help me choose one. We looked at what was available in the main high street bed shops but soon realised that I needed something more specialist.” Her daughter turned to the internet and found the Age Co site and its beds made by Theraposture. Sheila opted for a Buckingham shallow divan and is pleased she made the change. “It was all delivered and fitted for me and they managed to get it up my difficult stairs. It’s so much easier to use than my old one and really comfortable.”

-- Sheila Baldwin, Basingstoke


It was an overnight stay in hospital that made Janet Clarke realise she really needed a new bed.

“The day I came out of hospital I noticed that I didn’t have so many aches and pains – I felt a lot better. I realised that I needed a bed at home that was similar to a hospital one and I found the Age Co beds by Theraposture on the Age UK website. I ordered it just before Christmas and it came soon after. It’s made a big difference,” she explains. “I can now raise my back up and down without worrying about slipping on pillows and another important feature for me is that I can raise the whole bed up and down. This really helps me getting in and out without putting strain on my other joints as I was doing with my fixed height bed. I’m so pleased. The only thing it doesn’t do is make me tea in bed!”

-- Janet Clarke, Northampton


Like many older people, Violate Fussell needed help with adjustments at home to continue living as independently as possible. And, as is often the case, their children step in to help with the practicalities. Violet’s daughter, Heather takes up the story,

“The stairs were too much to cope with so to keep her independence we bought everything she needed to be self-sufficient downstairs. She was struggling to sleep so we went for an Age Co bed by Theraposture that would help her. She’s sleeping so much better and even with her bad hands she can still easily use the controls. She’s really pleased with it.”

-- Violet Fussell, Norwich


“We both realised that we were getting older and could do with making life a bit easier for ourselves. So we made the joint decision to invest in a nice bed that we could both be comfortable in,” says Mrs Pickersgill. “We looked on the internet, found Age Co beds by Theraposture and thought they seemed good. The beds did all the things we needed and we wanted a double bed so we went for the Buckingham double divan. It was an easy process and there were no problems in getting it set up plus we have a bungalow, so it went straight in.” And now they’ve had it for a while, how are they finding it? “It’s smashing! It’s lovely to use and we’ve both found it so easy.”

-- Mr and Mrs Pickersgill, Wakefield


“The first Age Co mattress I had wasn’t right for me, it just pushed down because I like to sit up and read and I also sleep quite upright. However, Theraposture immediately knew what the issue was and changed it for a different type of mattress that was perfect for me and my requirements. Now the bed is wonderful. I love it because I can control the positions I sleep in and, if I get up in the night and want to change the way I’m sleeping, then it’s not a problem at all.

I’m really short so Theraposture made the bed just 18 inches high which means I can get in and out of it really easily plus I had it made shorter in length too. We discussed all the Age Co options and now I have a totally bespoke bed that’s made to suit me. It was such good service.”

-- Mr and Mrs Yarrow, Bristol


The purchase of a new Age Co adjustable bed from Theraposture wasn’t a rush decision for the Yarrow family, they had done their research.

“We’d been talking about it for a while and Theraposture were actually suggested to us by another company we used for physical aid products. It’s nice to get a recommendation and once we’d chosen Theraposture, we then saw them on DIY SOS!

The Age Co bed is for my husband, who had a stroke, and it has made a big difference to his quality of sleep. The process was very easy and professional and Theraposture took lots of things into account, such as making sure we got the correct headboard size because of a low light switch in the bedroom. The installation was easy, and it even arrived before Christmas which we weren’t expecting, so that was a lovely bonus.”

-- Joan Constable, Surrey


“I had both knees replaced and then it became one health thing after another, so my daughter sorted out getting me a new Age Co adjustable bed and I’m delighted with it.

I love to read at night and it was too uncomfortable in the old bed but now I can raise myself up and then back down when I’m ready to sleep. I also find sleeping completely flat a problem but now I can keep myself slightly upright without having to prop up on pillows. Plus, I can raise the bottom of the bed if I feel my legs need to be higher. The drawers also offer some nice size storage and the Theraposture men who delivered and installed it were really efficient and thorough.

-- Jeanette Haldane, Glasgow, Scotland

Why did Age Co chose Theraposture to supply Age Co Adjustable Beds?


Finding herself having to sleep on the sofa after major abdominal surgery, Lesley Ansari realised that she required a bed that was able to cope with her needs.

“I knew it needed to be a specialist bed and I did look at what the high street offered but nothing was quite right.  Then I found Age Co beds by Theraposture and they weren’t as expensive as I feared.  I knew the room I wanted it to go in was small, so when they came to measure up they said I could have 3 inches knocked off – just like that! Not a problem and at very little cost. The first mattress I had was too hard but they swapped it with no quibbles for a softer one and it’s wonderful.”

-- Lesley Ansari, Loughborough


For many people it’s their changing mobility needs that are the catalyst for a complete overhaul of their home. This was definitely the case for Deirdre Sillick, who found that in order to regain more of her independence, some radical changes were needed.

“I couldn’t get up the stairs, so I had the garage converted to be a complete self-contained unit for my needs,” she explains. “After a stay in hospital, I knew that I needed a specialist bed. I’d seen lots of brochures and leaflets in the hospital outlining all the different things Age Co offered, so I decided to choose a bed through their supplier, Theraposture.”

Deidre selected the Age Co Buckingham single shallow divan from Theraposture and is delighted with the day-to-day difference it’s made. “It’s lovely, so comfortable and importantly it gives me more independence. Installation was nice and easy especially as I’ve no stairs to tackle. Even though my daughter now lives with me, I can still get myself in and out of bed without help which is really important to me.”

-- Deidre Sillick, Luton, Beds


“This was an emergency with a capital E,” explains Peter Cooke, describing how a dramatic turn of events created the need to rethink his family home arrangements. “In April this year my wife took a funny turn which then escalated to her being in the critical care unit in hospital for a month. When she came home it was a very steep learning curve for me as we needed to adapt things around her needs, and mine, so I could care for her. We bought our old bed downstairs but needed something more specialised.” That’s when Peter’s daughter stepped in to help and found Theraposture with its range of Age Co adjustable beds.

Peter chose an Age Co Buckingham divan for two people which helps enormously with bedtime and his wife’s general comfort, “the bed is excellent,” enthuses Peter, “being able to raise her head and feet really makes a difference, not just for her, but helps me too. The installation chaps were also very helpful, they even sorted out a handrail on the side of the bed for us. Absolutely first class service.”

-- Peter Cooke, Maidenhead, Berks

An interview with a customer


After a bout of illness and worsening arthritis left Jean Platt’s husband more dependent on her, it became clear that she needed to make life easier for the both of them.

“My husband is 85 and along with a serious heart condition his arthritis was making him increasingly immobile,” says Jean Platt, “so I thought a better bed may help. I wanted something that would raise and lower his head and feet without me having to prop him up.”

Jean chose two Age Co Buckingham single deep divans and is pleased with the comfort they offer.

“They are slightly wider than I’d thought they’d be and that is actually good for him. I can have him sit up and watch the TV or read, then settle him back down. The measuring up and installation was so easy, it all went very smoothly.” Jean acknowledges the bed doesn’t erase their problems but it does give her husband much more comfort and makes caring that little bit easier.

-- Jean Platt, Tunbridge, Kent

“My mother Betty Kemp, received a letter from you asking for feedback on her theraposture bed. She is very pleased with her new bed and she is no longer suffering from the back pain she was getting previously, so all good. Thanks very much.”

-- Ms Titcombe

“Our new bed was delivered yesterday by Theraposture and I must commend the two men from the firm who were helpful and courteous. We used it last night and my wife who has Scoliosis had a comfortable nights sleep for the first time in ages and I thought it was great also. Our three cats investigated the bed so we are careful not to trap them in the mechanism. Once again thankyou for your help and advice on our purchase.

-- Kind Regards Anthony & Val Parker - Morecambe, Lancashire

My husband and I are over the moon with our adjustable bed, we can now sit up in bed and enjoy our morning cup of tea, something we have not been able to do for quite a few years. As for the service brilliant no complaints whatsoever delivered on time by two very helpful employees of Theraposture. Will certainly recommend.

-- Margaret Howe

The delivery men were efficient and careful installing the new bed. Also moving the old bed. They were very helpful, polite and friendly

-- Mrs Bennell

I am so grateful to Theraposture for my Age UK bed, it is fantastic. As I am 93, I struggle to get to the shops so I do all my shopping on the Internet. This is why I will only go with a name or company I trust…I have to be careful. I had a jolly good look around online and as I already had insurance through Age UK, I decided to try one of their beds. I found the website and called.

I couldn’t have wished for better service all the way through from my initial call, to Steve from Theraposture coming to assess my needs, through to delivery and after care. Everyone at Theraposture is so very genuine and the company is obviously reputable. When I decided my initial choice of bed wasn’t suitable, there was no issue, Theraposture picked it up and delivered a new deep divan bed for me. It was perfect. The delivery men were lovely on both occasions, so neat and tidy.

I would say to everyone looking for an adjustable bed to not go anywhere else but to choose Age UK Adjustable Beds from Theraposture. I am more than happy and my bed is so comfy.

-- Vera Pellegrini, Norfolk

Before owning our Age UK Adjustable Bed, I had been trying to make my husband comfortable at night with lots of pillows but without luck. Terrence finds sleeping with his upper body in an inclined position.

-- Mr & Mrs Whitton - 77 years old

Mr and Mrs Whitton from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, are delighted with their new Age UK Adjustable Double Bed. Their ‘Buckingham’ Divan Bed is finished in a damask fabric and combines two individual ‘Pocket Sprung Memory’ mattresses. One mattress can be electrically adjusted so the head and foot ends can be raised or lowered for a personalised sleeping position.

This adjustability really benefits 77-year- old Mr Whitton who has a severe heart condition as his wife explains: “Before owning our Age UK Adjustable Bed, I had been trying to make my husband comfortable at night with lots of pillows but without luck. Terrence finds sleeping with his upper body in an inclined position really helps with breathing, however his pile of pillows would always need adjusting throughout the night. Now we share a new Age UK Bed my husband can sleep with his head and chest raised all night without having to re-adjust his pillows or wake me up – it’s absolutely brilliant.”

Mrs Whitton continues: “We first had the idea of looking for an adjustable bed after my husband returned from his latest stay in hospital. He had been so impressed with the electrically operated beds on the ward he thought something like that at home would make life so much easier. So we decided to look on the internet and came across Age UK Adjustable Beds. As this name is so well known we telephoned, received a brochure and then had an excellent assessment of our needs to ensure the bed would be right for us. The 14-day satisfaction guarantee meant we had no worries about losing our money if the bed wasn’t what we wanted. Every person we spoke to at Theraposture (who make beds on behalf of Age UK) was so lovely and helpful. The delivery chaps were really pleasant and fitted the bed with no problems. As I am 79 it’s nice to know that our bed can be adapted in the future so my side can have powered adjustment too if needed. Thank you Age UK for a great night’s sleep.”

I’d even had a bed delivered to try out at home but then I was chatting to a neighbour who said I should look at Age UK.

-- Ray Sims - 79 years old

Ray Sims, 79 from Loughborough has only had his Buckingham, Deep Divan Bed from Age UK for a little over a month and already recognises it has made a big difference.

A former worker in the gas industry, Ray admits to not being in the best of health and sleeping is fraught with interruptions and discomfort. So, when he realised his old bed and mattress really had to go he decided to look for something more specialised. “I’d seen lots of beds advertised in the papers and originally I was going to go with another firm,” he explains. “I’d even had a bed delivered to try out at home but then I was chatting to a neighbour who said I should look at Age UK and I didn’t know they even did adjustable beds, so my daughter gave them a call.”

Ray chose the Buckingham Deep Divan, by Theraposture, who makes beds for Age UK. He had previously had a divan and wanted to stay with what he was used to. “The delivery was straightforward and they were really helpful and took my other bed away; it was all very easy. I had it for the 14-day trial with a satisfaction guarantee and it never went back! There really wasn’t anything to lose and it was better value than the others I’d seen too.” he adds.  

3ft wide adjustable bed with a deep base
View Buckingham dual divan bed


Now Ray doesn’t have to pile cushions up behind him if he wants to stay up and read, he just has to press a button and the back of the mattress raises to suit his needs. The nature of his illness means he is always going to have broken sleep, “I constantly have to get out of bed but it’s now much easier to do this. Plus it’s so much easier to go back to sleep because I don’t have to spend ages getting comfortable. It has definitely made a difference because the sleep I get is better quality all thanks to my new Age UK adjustable bed.”

I knew I needed a new bed as the old one was too big and sinking badly in the middle. As soon as the Age UK showroom opened up I noticed they sold beds.

-- Maureen Briggs, 83 years old

Maureen Briggs from Cumbria has transformed the way she sleeps by creating her own unique adjustable bed thanks to the help of Theraposture who make Age UK beds.

At 85, Maureen is troubled with Arthritis and had been thinking about a new bed for years but it wasn’t until she visited an Age UK showroom close to her home and saw the range from Theraposture that she decided it was the right time to make a change. “I knew I needed a new bed as the old one was too big and sinking badly in the middle,” says Maureen. “As soon as the Age UK showroom opened up I noticed they sold beds. It’s a name you trust, so I went in and spoke with them. I also talked with my niece who is an Occupational Therapist as she works a lot with Age UK products – she told me how good they are. It’s reassuring to know because it’s a big purchase.

“Trouble was I needed a few alterations to make the bed right for me however with the Age UK online Bed Builder it wasn’t a problem,” explains Maureen. She chose to have a Deep Base Divan with a Reflex mattress made to her individual needs. “I’m quite small, so I needed just the right height – too low and I couldn’t get out of it and too high and I couldn’t get in, but Theraposture managed to sort this all out for me. I then chose a nice leather surround and headboard plus they put it on castors for me which is fabulous for moving it to clean. My Age UK bed is so comfortable and really is beautifully made.”

leather surround, deep base divan bed

Maureen adds, “What was also great was the free delivery, plus they took my old bed away which was very helpful. I also qualified not to pay VAT because I am disabled so that also made a lot of difference to the budget.” Turns out that it’s not just Maureen who is delighted with the bed, “my neighbours are all very impressed too,” she says happily. “Age UK and Theraposture really went out of their way to help, nothing was a problem. They were marvellous, I couldn’t fault them.”


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