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Why choose Age Co beds?

There are so many reasons to choose an Age Co Adjustable Bed

Developed to ensure a high quality of products and services, the range provided has been designed specifically with the over 50s in mind. Theraposture is a proven bed specialist that can be trusted to deliver impeccable service and reliable products. *

Assured service

Support will be provided to you every step-of-the-way, from your initial bed selection or home consultation right through to delivery and after care.

Trusted bed supplier

Theraposture is a highly-respected, Wiltshire based business, that has been family-run since 1981. It is a preferred adjustable bed and chair manufacturer for many leading Healthcare Professionals and charities.

Save money, pay no VAT

All Age Co Adjustable Beds have been developed with a Healthcare Professional so they assist with independent living. If you qualify for this kind of help, you can save 20% on the cost.

Quality products

Theraposture is proud to have supplied Age Co Adjustable Beds since September 2015. Each bed is ergonomically designed to offer the highest levels of comfort with the simplest controls.

Raising income for Age UK

Age Co, the new name for Age UK products and services. The Age Co range will help older people enjoy financial security and continue to live independently. The Age Co name will only be used with products from trusted suppliers and without hidden costs. Everything sold under the Age Co name will help raise income for the great charitable work of Age UK.


Age Co has chosen Theraposture as their Adjustable Bed Partner following a detailed evaluation and selection process. Theraposture clearly stood out as the perfect fit for us because of their excellent reputation, fantastic quality and for putting customers’ needs first. We have every confidence in them and so should you.

-- Ian Foy, Managing Director, Age UK Trading C.I.C

A service you can trust

Clear, up-front and transparent prices

With Age Co Adjustable Beds you can be sure that there are no hidden costs. Understanding the cost of your bed from the very beginning is important, so the price of all beds will be told to you up front. These high quality beds offer exceptional value for money.

With an Age Co Adjustable Bed you will know the price for:

  • Frame Mattress
  • Headboard
  • Hand control
  • Delivery
  • Installation Warranty

Only £100 deposit required

This deposit is refundable if you change your mind and all you need to pay for upfront.

3-year extendable warranty

Every Age Co Adjustable Bed comes with a 3 year parts and labour warranty on mechanisms, motors, hand control and structure of the bed. The mattress and upholstery have a 1 year warranty. Warranties can be extended up to 10 years.

Enjoy peace of mind with a 14-day money back satisfaction guarantee*

You need to feel confident that the adjustable bed you select will be the right one for you. That is why under the money back satisfaction guarantee, you have 14 days to decide if your bed suits you without the worry of having to keep something you have paid for if it is not right for you. Once your bed has been delivered, you can choose from one of the following choices:

  1. At the time of delivery If you decide that the bed isn’t suitable for you when it arrives, you can tell the delivery team and receive a full 100% refund.
  2. Following delivery and within 14 days Once the bed has been delivered, you have 14 days to decide if you would like to return it. A retention will be required of £50 for beds up to 4’ and £100 over 4’. This is to contribute to delivery and collection costs.

* Conditions: refunds and exchanges can only be given if the returned product is in perfect, as new condition. Mattresses must be fully protected during the Satisfaction Guarantee period. Refunds do not include storage and/or disposal charges. For full Terms and Conditions refer to the Theraposture ‘14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Certificate’ – information available on request.

How can an Age Co Adjustable Bed help you?

Age Co Adjustable Beds include electric motors so individual sections can be raised or lowered using a hand control. You can independently raise the foot or head end of your mattress to reduce aches and pains. The benefits of the various positions are:

Head raised (standard on all beds)

This position is ideal for reading or watching television. Sleeping with the upper body elevated can also be a beneficial aid for breathing. With the head end raised, it is also easier to sit up and swing legs around to get in and out of bed.

Legs raised (standard on all beds)

Elevating your aching feet or tired legs is such a great feeling! This position uses gravity to help move fluid away from your feet, ankles and lower legs and can improve circulation.

Variable height (not available on Premium Signature range)

Being able to raise and lower the overall height of your bed has many advantages. These can include making getting in and out easier and reducing the risk of back strain for supporting relatives or carers.


As a respected Occupational Therapist with over 25 years of experience, I have worked closely with Theraposture to develop this outstanding range of adjustable beds for Age Co.

Sleep is essential to our well being and without it we are less likely to achieve our chosen daily activities that give our life quality and meaning.”

-- Kate Sheehan, Senior Occupational Therapist

Health and lifestyle benefits
  • Sleep better and feel refreshed
  • Greater energy during the day
  • Achieve more from life
  • Easier to live independently at home
  • Peace of mind
  • Enjoy relaxing in bed for longer
  • Continue sharing with your partner even if mobility requirements vary

Things to look out for when purchasing your adjustable bed

Avoid high pressure selling in your home

Unfortunately some companies will avoid telling you the true price of a product. With a salesman in your home, it can often feel quite pressured and they might not be focusing on your personal needs. Make sure you always get a chance to sample a real bed and check in the small print that refunds are included in your particular purchase.

Don’t risk buying from an online rogue trader

Ordering beds direct without an assessment or extended trial can be risky. Be cautious about companies that offer large discounts if you buy direct and promote convenience and speed. Make sure that you are getting a product that is tailored to your requirements and offers sales support if something were to go wrong after you’ve purchased your bed.

Buying an Age Co Adjustable Bed is the trusted and safer way to own a quality bed at a fair price.

Choose safely, choose an Age Co Adjustable Bed from Theraposture

This specialist and trusted supplier will ensure you are treated fairly and receive the service and product you deserve.

All prices are completely visible on the website, in the price list and when you telephone. There are no hidden extras and no false promises. Just honest and open service.

If the price is acceptable, then, if needed, a personal assessment of your needs is arranged with a Theraposture Trusted Assessor. They are not salesmen, they are professionally trained and friendly experts who will recommend the ideal bed for your needs. There is strictly no obligation or pressure to buy at this stage – it is totally up to you. Whether you prefer an assessment over the phone or in your home, you are in control of the final decision.

With the 14 day satisfaction guarantee you are in fact trialling your actual bed! This means you can truly decide if the bed is right for you when you sleep in it.

For the lifetime of your product the Theraposture team will support you so you get the most out of your bed.

Frequently asked questions

Theraposture works closely with Age Co to ensure excellent customer service at all times. Its main priority is to make sure your experience is a happy one.

Only quality products are supplied and are designed to provide comfort and support for many years. This is why a comprehensive 3-year, fair wear and tear warranty on beds and mattresses is provided.

One of Theraposture's friendly Product Advisors can visit you at your home to discuss the most suitable bed for your requirements. A friendly and considerate product expert may bring a demonstration adjustable bed with them for you to try. You can then discuss what features would help you sleep better and relax more in bed. You'll have the opportunity to chat about sizes, colours, finishes and optional features such as Night Lights, grab handles, chrome feet, pillows and sheets. If you request a home consultation, it will be completely free of charge and you will be under absolutely no obligation to buy.

As all Age Co Adjustable Beds are expertly hand-built, you should receive your bed within 3-4 weeks (depending on your location) after placing an order. When your bed is ready and has passed our quality checks, you will receive a phone call from the delivery team to arrange a convenient date and time for delivery. On that day, your bed will be delivered and fully set up by an experienced Theraposture Technician. They will also give you comprehensive, yet easy-to- understand instructions on how to use your new bed safely and will ensure you feel confident and happy with it before leaving.

Theraposture can help with the removal of your old bed in most areas of the UK. They can either:

  • Take your existing bed to another room in your home or outside of your property at no extra cost

  • Remove your bed and responsibly dispose of it:
    • 3ft wide bed: £30 (£36 incl. vat)
    • 4ft wide and above: £50 (£60 incl. vat)

  • Remove your bed and store it for 14 days during the satisfaction guarantee period for:
    • 3ft wide bed: £50 (£60 incl. vat)
    • 4ft wide and over: £65 (£78 incl. vat)

    At the end of this period we will responsibly dispose of your bed unless you ask us not to.

All Age Co Adjustable Beds have been developed with a Healthcare Professional. This ensures that they help users with a broad range of conditions and assist with independent living. If you qualify for this kind of help you will not be required to pay VAT. Find out if you are VAT exempt.

Find out why customers trust Theraposture


The delivery men were efficient and careful installing the new bed. Also moving the old bed.

-- Mrs Bennell


I am so grateful to Theraposture for my Age Co bed, it is fantastic. As I am 93, I struggle to get to the shops...

-- Vera Pellegrini, Norfolk

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