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illustrated person and speech bubble sitting on bed Quotes I am so grateful to Theraposture for my Age Co bed, it is fantastic. As I am 93, I struggle to get to the shops so I do all my shopping on the Internet. This is why I will only go with a name or company I trust…I have to be careful. I had a jolly good look around online and as I already had insurance through Age Co, I decided to try one of their beds. I found the website and called.

I couldn’t have wished for better service all the way through from my initial call, to Steve from Theraposture coming to assess my needs, through to delivery and after care. Everyone at Theraposture is so very genuine and the company is obviously reputable. When I decided my initial choice of bed wasn’t suitable, there was no issue, Theraposture picked it up and delivered a new deep divan bed for me. It was perfect. The delivery men were lovely on both occasions, so neat and tidy.

I would say to everyone looking for an adjustable bed to not go anywhere else but to choose Age Co adjustable beds from Theraposture. I am more than happy and my bed is so comfy.”

-- Vera Pellegrini, Norfolk

QuotesDear Age Co, Our new bed was delivered yesterday by Theraposture and I must commend the two men from the firm who were helpful and courteous. We used it last night and my wife who has Scoliosis had a comfortable nights sleep for the first time in ages and I thought it was great also. Our three cats investigated the bed so we are careful not to trap them in the mechanism. Once again thankyou for your help and advice on our purchase.”

-- Kind Regards Anthony & Val Parker - Morecambe, Lancashire

QuotesThe delivery men were efficient and careful installing the new bed. Also moving the old bed. They were very helpful, polite and friendly.”

-- Mrs Bennell

BCVS has recently enhanced its care provision to clients and improved its moving and handling procedures by installing 47 new Age Co Adjustable Beds by Theraposture.

Bathampton Manor BCVS in Bath
Bathampton Manor - a BCVS care home in Bath

BCVS Homes independently operates the highly respected Bathampton Manor and Greystones residential care homes in Bath, Somerset. BCVS has recently enhanced its care provision to clients and improved its moving and handling procedures by installing 47 new Age Co Adjustable Beds by Theraposture.

With an outstanding reputation, Theraposture is an ethical Wiltshire-based manufacturer that provides electrically operated adjustable beds, chairs and cots. It is trusted to supply Age Co Adjustable Beds in partnership with Age Co Trading CIC. Each bed provides comfort, style and powered assistance for people living with restricted mobility. These aesthetically pleasing beds are ideal for domestic homes and residential care settings where users are looking to sleep more comfortably and need assistance with sitting up or getting out of bed.

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BCVS Homes have selected 47 divan style Buckingham beds with powered height adjustment and profiling and hoist-friendly surrounds. Residents now have greater comfort and carers can assist with reduced risk.

BCVS Homes has nearly 70 years of residential care experience and is a non-profit making organisation that focuses on value and non-nursing services for elderly residents. Both its homes are ethically managed with a client-centric approach – delivered in a homely atmosphere and at a fair fee. Bathampton Manor is a Grade II Listed country Manor House and has 21 beds. Greystones has 26 beds and is close to Wellsway’s local facilities. In total there is a 60 strong care team.

Front of care home building
Bathampton Manor front entrance

Residents are now able to regularly adjust their position in bed without the need for carer assistance. This gives each resident greater independence and improves carer efficiency.

Residents can sit up more easily to read or watch television by raising the head end of their mattress or relieve pressure on their legs by lifting the foot end. At night they are able to adjust their position in bed without straining so a better night’s sleep is achievable. Many find breathing easier when in a slightly elevated position and a higher foot position helps to reduce discomfort, particularly associated with oedema. The variable height feature helps with sitting and standing transfers as residents can remain safer and more stable when getting in and out of bed.

Lizzie - carer at BCVS care homes
Lizzy - a carer at BCVS

From a care home management point of view, operational performance has been significantly improved by the introduction of these beds. Residents have greater ability to move themselves on their own terms so carers can focus on other priorities. Simple tasks such as pillow readjustments do not need carer attention hence significant time can be saved during the day.

Protecting carers against back injury and muscle strain is a major focus for all care homes. Without appropriate assistive equipment many carers experience back problems from manual moving, transferring and lifting of residents – resulting in sick leave and subsequent service and monetary pressures for healthcare management. This problem is being exacerbated by the increased number of bariatric people entering the care system. Age Co Adjustable Beds can be specified with heavy duty lifting and profiling mechanisms so that users weighing up to 25 stone can assist themselves safely. Variable height functionality allows hygiene routines and personal care to be administered to residents at a safe working height as carers do not need to stoop. By raising the mattress, the twice-daily procedure of changing sheets on high numbers of beds is also far more efficient as carers do not need to continually bend over.

The acquisition of Age Co Adjustable Beds from Theraposture was made possible by Marie Perkins, Company Secretary of BCVS Homes. She made an application to the Trustees of a former resident of Greystones. The Trustees were of the opinion that these beds would improve the well-being of all BCVS residents and hence, increased the level of funding to include Bathampton Manor.

Care team BCVS Bath

Marie joined BCVS five years ago and since then she has had a ‘personal mission’ to see adjustable beds installed at both care homes. When funding was approved she contacted Theraposture as she felt its range of Age Co Adjustable Beds would be the ideal choice for her residents and carers. Marie explains: “During my initial investigations for suitable adjustable beds I discovered the Age Co range by Theraposture and immediately felt reassured by their respected and established brand. I was looking to source quality products that would last, provide maximum comfort for our residents and help the care team – these beds from Theraposture have delivered in all respects.

Marie continues: “To start the specification process we received a personal visit from the Managing Director of Theraposture, David Holtum, so that he could assess our situation and recommend the most suitable Age Co Adjustable Bed for our residents. David was so understanding of our situation and it was clear he had vast experience. The comfort, care and dignity of our residents was top priority along with the safety of my staff. We wanted beds that looked attractive and that we could trust in terms of reliability.

After a comprehensive assessment the Buckingham design with variable height and mattress profiling was deemed ideal for our requirements. We also selected grab handles and cot sides for several beds so less ambulant residents had the extra support they needed. Theraposture worked closely with us throughout the whole process to ensure our expectations were exceeded and the final delivery and installation was completed without a hitch. The Theraposture technicians who assembled the beds were professional, efficient and courteous – it was clear that they were sensitive to the needs of vulnerable residents.

Marie concludes: “Our Age Co Adjustable Beds by Theraposture have made such a difference at Bathampton Manor and Greystones. We pride ourselves on providing care of the utmost quality – these beds help us deliver on this promise. Feedback from residents and carers has been really positive and we can already see the benefits from an operational point of view. Plus our residents are more settled at night. Theraposture provided us with an impeccable level of service and I am delighted my personal mission, to see a quality adjustable bed in every bedroom, has been completed in such a positive and effective manner.

BCVS Homes Case Study

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My husband and I are over the moon with our adjustable bed, we can now sit up in bed and enjoy our morning cup of tea, something we have not been able to do for quite a few years. As for the service brilliant no complaints whatsoever delivered on time by two very helpful employees of Theraposture. Will certainly recommend.

Margaret Howe.

My mother Betty Kemp, received a letter from you asking for feedback on her theraposture bed. She is very pleased with her new bed and she is no longer suffering from the back pain she was getting previously, so all good. Thanks very much.

Ms Titcombe

Why did Age Co CIC chose Theraposture to supply Age Co Adjustable Beds?

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More happy customer stories...

Mr and Mrs Whitton from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, are delighted with their new Age Co Adjustable Double Bed. Their ‘Buckingham’ Divan Bed is finished in a damask fabric and combines two individual ‘Pocket Sprung Memory’ mattresses. One mattress can be electrically adjusted so the head and foot ends can be raised or lowered for a personalised sleeping position.

This adjustability really benefits 77-year- old Mr Whitton who has a severe heart condition as his wife explains: “Before owning our Age Co Adjustable Bed, I had been trying to make my husband comfortable at night with lots of pillows but without luck. Terrence finds sleeping with his upper body in an inclined position really helps with breathing, however his pile of pillows would always need adjusting throughout the night. Now we share a new Age Co Bed my husband can sleep with his head and chest raised all night without having to re-adjust his pillows or wake me up – it’s absolutely brilliant.”

Mrs Whitton continues: “We first had the idea of looking for an adjustable bed after my husband returned from his latest stay in hospital. He had been so impressed with the electrically operated beds on the ward he thought something like that at home would make life so much easier. So we decided to look on the internet and came across Age Co Adjustable Beds. As this name is so well known we telephoned, received a brochure and then had an excellent assessment of our needs to ensure the bed would be right for us. The 14-day satisfaction guarantee meant we had no worries about losing our money if the bed wasn’t what we wanted. Every person we spoke to at Theraposture (who make beds on behalf of Age Co) was so lovely and helpful. The delivery chaps were really pleasant and fitted the bed with no problems. As I am 79 it’s nice to know that our bed can be adapted in the future so my side can have powered adjustment too if needed. Thank you Age Co for a great night’s sleep.”

Ray Sims, 79 from Loughborough has only had his Buckingham, Deep Divan Bed from Age Co for a little over a month and already recognises it has made a big difference.

A former worker in the gas industry, Ray admits to not being in the best of health and sleeping is fraught with interruptions and discomfort. So, when he realised his old bed and mattress really had to go he decided to look for something more specialised. “I’d seen lots of beds advertised in the papers and originally I was going to go with another firm,” he explains. “I’d even had a bed delivered to try out at home but then I was chatting to a neighbour who said I should look at Age Co and I didn’t know they even did adjustable beds, so my daughter gave them a call.”

Ray chose the Buckingham Deep Divan, by Theraposture, who makes beds for Age Co. He had previously had a divan and wanted to stay with what he was used to. “The delivery was straightforward and they were really helpful and took my other bed away; it was all very easy. I had it for the 14-day trial with a satisfaction guarantee and it never went back! There really wasn’t anything to lose and it was better value than the others I’d seen too.” he adds.  

Now Ray doesn’t have to pile cushions up behind him if he wants to stay up and read, he just has to press a button and the back of the mattress raises to suit his needs. The nature of his illness means he is always going to have broken sleep, “I constantly have to get out of bed but it’s now much easier to do this. Plus it’s so much easier to go back to sleep because I don’t have to spend ages getting comfortable. It has definitely made a difference because the sleep I get is better quality all thanks to my new Age Co adjustable bed.”

Maureen Briggs from Cumbria has transformed the way she sleeps by creating her own unique adjustable bed thanks to the help of Theraposture who make Age Co beds.

At 85, Maureen is troubled with Arthritis and had been thinking about a new bed for years but it wasn’t until she visited an Age Co showroom close to her home and saw the range from Theraposture that she decided it was the right time to make a change. “I knew I needed a new bed as the old one was too big and sinking badly in the middle,” says Maureen. “As soon as the Age Co showroom opened up I noticed they sold beds. It’s a name you trust, so I went in and spoke with them. I also talked with my niece who is an Occupational Therapist as she works a lot with Age Co products – she told me how good they are. It’s reassuring to know because it’s a big purchase.

“Trouble was I needed a few alterations to make the bed right for me however with the Age Co online Bed Builder it wasn’t a problem,” explains Maureen. She chose to have a Deep Base Divan with a Reflex mattress made to her individual needs. “I’m quite small, so I needed just the right height – too low and I couldn’t get out of it and too high and I couldn’t get in, but Theraposture managed to sort this all out for me. I then chose a nice leather surround and headboard plus they put it on castors for me which is fabulous for moving it to clean. My Age Co bed is so comfortable and really is beautifully made.”

leather surround, deep base divan bed

Example of a leather surround, deep divan

Maureen adds, “What was also great was the free delivery, plus they took my old bed away which was very helpful. I also qualified not to pay VAT because I am disabled so that also made a lot of difference to the budget.” Turns out that it’s not just Maureen who is delighted with the bed, “my neighbours are all very impressed too,” she says happily. “Age Co and Theraposture really went out of their way to help, nothing was a problem. They were marvellous, I couldn’t fault them.”

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